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Synchro iPhone App

Use the Synchro App. to quickly:  add a Journal entry of your Synchronistic meaningful coincidences, (we call them Synchros) either with the click of Photo Capture, Voice Recording, or Keyboard Option.  Sort and Share help you reach clarity and better understanding of your unique synchronicities.

Synchro is a fun and enlightening tool for all ages.

With this Synchro app you can:
- Quickly record a Synchro anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
- Review the entire Journal of Synchros and with the latest update:  Edit Synchros

  1. -Choose between 7 different Synchro types, including Phone Synchro, Instant Manifestation,.Media Echo, Dream Synchro, Synchro Repetition and Extraordinary Event.
    - Sort and upload your Synchros for review at any time

  2. -- Post Synchros to your Facebook, Twitter account, or even post them on the                              real-time SYNCHRO-GLOBE.

  3. -It’s a journaling tool that will ultimately be used to sort and order what’s happening around the world!

- Developed for researchers to track synchronicities

The discovery of hidden meaning is profoundly, vividly, personally meaningful with a sense that the journey is unfolding before your eyes.  This information when properly analyzed may provide life-altering, life-affirming powerful insight.  The Synchro Project, seeks to present the science behind the Synchro App. in an easily understood format.  The universal language of symbols along with easy definitions, will make future releases of the Synchro App. in foreign languages, an International and Global forum to unite toward the greater understanding of this amazing phenomenon. This interweaving of improbability and significance has, through out the ages, laid the foundation for all major religious faiths.  For many, these signs, omens, miracles, revelations, and strange synchronicities support and warrant the belief in a higher guiding, organizing and benevolent forces.

Developing Vocabulary:

This groundbreaking app includes 7 types of Synchro Symbols— each with definitions and detailed examples. To help people reach a better understanding of the amazing, improbable and meaningful coinciding moments in our lives, Synchro Project director Lesley Roy, created these powerful symbols to gain clarity and valuable insights confirms our sense that there is a greater interconnected reality than we are able to perceive. Each of six major Synchro Symbols: Extraordinary Event, Instant Manifestation, Phone Synchro, Synchro Repetition, Dream Synchro and .Media Echo along with the seventh Crumb Box a place to record incidents of interest which are not currently categorized but feel as if that there is something unusual about their untimely appearance.  The Symbol System guides you through the process to making sense of these threads of information which appear out of the blue, giving us a glimpse of a deeper knowledge, like a crack in the cosmic egg of the universe, stretching our perceptions of time and space.

The act of remembering a Synchro needs a tool just as a dream would be quickly forgotten if not written down. Learn how to easily record a synchro to share with your friends and family.  Keeping a Synchro Journal, “Captures the Moment” for later reflection. The tools provided allow for a quick photo of the moment, or a voice recording and keywords for tagging and easy search and recall: key to understanding the Synchro deeper meaning that these incidents are trying to convey, if any. Often a Synchro is experienced with a profound sense of surprise and a “what are chances of this happening” awareness.  Other times the meaning is not as easily understood, yet upon further reflection and discernment a thread of insight may be grasped with a powerful sense of “rightness.”  When experiencing a Synchro there is a varying degree of instantaneous surprise, so another important future update plan is to add a rating system for the app:  using the “Richter scale” basis: one thru ten. This rating system will make it much easier to categorize, sort and order events, a #1-being subtle incidents of interest, thru a #10 –the most extraordinary of events.

The Synchro Project collaborated with Yale University School of Divinity, Initiative in Religion, Science and Technology, and leading scholars, authors, at the intersect of Psychology, Physics, Statistical Probability, Religion and Philosophy. In October 2010, Yale Divinity School and The Synchro Project co-hosted the first annual Synchro Summit, an International discussion on the subject of Synchronicity. Yale University and The Synchro Project also co-hosted the exciting Public Event: “Can synchronicity reveal life’s meaning in ways science can’t yet understand?” to a standing room only, crowd eager to learn more, engaged in dialogue as leading scholars and authors of numerous books sought to answer their questions.


Lesley Roy is a visionary pioneer in the emerging field of Synchronicity. An entrepreneur and Internationally known designer,  Lesley attended Yale University to study fine art simultaneously teaching painting to all ages. She went on to discover processes in reverse glass art and as an award winning artist her works have graced many a royal table. For 20 years Lesley has led the home decor industry in artistic expression of the creative senses and recognized the importance of visual aesthetics to healthy mind, and spirit. Lesley leads seminars to empower through the “Study of Synchronicity in Your Life”.  Lesley Roy, along with Synchro Project colleague James Clement van Pelt, co- authored a paper: “When Realities Collide: Toward a Methodology for the Study of Synchronicity” which then was presented at the 2010, Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference.

In the latest feature article , The Healing Spirit of Synchronicity, Lesley outlines the crucial importance of paying attention to information coming in, as the guiding threads of interconnectedness present in our daily lives. Connecting the dots through Synchro Threading, creates a sense that “everything is falling into place” as it should with a joyous and vibrant knowing confident that we are walking a path with twists and turns, but along the way we have hidden resources to tackle any problems that may arise: especially as health challenges arise, understanding that the foundational belief during ours greatest time of need, “is believing that our spiritual tool box is fully stock with everything we need to thrive and survive.”


-Lesley’s work was featured on NPR Dr. Christian Northrup program website entitled: “Synchronicity and Every Day Miracles More Than Mere Coincidence” for the month of December 2010.

-A film of the Synchro Summit is being made into a documentary to share the discussions from the groundbreaking event with a wider audience. Also a special screening of some of the compelling one-on-one interviews will be show at the Open Center in NYC April 2011. 

-Lesley Roy and James Clement van Pelt will be sharing cutting-edge Synchro Symbol Journaling tools, sneak-peak upcoming film clips, and presenting a panel of synchro scholars to discuss the topic of Synchronicity with an interactive audience program at the upcoming Open Center event Saturday February 5th 2011 New York City Open Center Forum “Synchronicity and The Interactive Universe.” For more information visit:



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A meaningful coincidence unlikely to have occurred by chance.

A synchronistic event --a coincidental experience perceived as extraordinary and significant.


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